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Overcoming PBL Challenges

In our previous post we highlighted some challenges one is likely to face as a fresh student in a PBL class just as we faced at Aalborg University. Getting used to PBL is a gradual process especially if you have been exposed to the traditional teaching and learning approach. This is because it takes time to offload the traditional way of learning and get used to the PBL model of learning.To reduce the challenges fresh students are likely to face in a PBL class AAU organizes different activities to help them fit well in class. These activities include courses and seminars for students, such as workshops and a PBL course which aims to help fresh students develop process competencies and intercultural competencies in a PBL environment. It has been functioning effectively in terms of helping students get familiarized to the new study environment and shortening the time that has to be used for this transformationWe were enrolled in an introductory course on PBL to help us cope with the students who are already well knowledgeable in the teaching approach. This class involved all other fresh or new students at AAU. It allowed us to share and interact with other students from different disciplines. We shared experiences either positive or negative that are faced as individuals from our various groups and how we could address them.To further speed up the transformation process, students who are used to the PBL approach are encouraged to work together with fresh students in a project group. As a result, fresh students can easily learn from the Danish students (an old student in the PBL teaching model). Though UENR does not have old students in this learning approach, we would be a great help in sharing our experiences and knowledge gained on the PBL approach at AAU to help the students in UENR adapt quickly to the PBL method of teaching and learning.Thank you for reading!